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Carol Hoeg

Mark, Thanks for sharing this information about medical marijuana. More people should be aware of the positive effect it has on patients. I am a nurse in a chronic care hospital. Two of our MS patients have been smoking marijuana for several years with a Doctor's presciption obtained after the Doctor had obtained government permission. The problem for them is the difficulty to obtain a constant supply as it is still an ilegal substance. We see the positive effect it has on the painful spasms they experience.


I've always been bothered by people who go out of their way to protest things "THEY" don't agree with,thinking they are doing the right thing.If someone is on death row these individuals would never think to send a card to surviors of horrific unspeakable crimes,but they will light candles at a prison gate trying to call light to capital punishment as cruel.
When a loved one anguishes over the decision of life support,people not even involved protest,get lawyers,and try to keep people alive..even though they are in agony,because they feel it's their business.
Although I have never used marijuana or any other illegal drug I am not opposed to using it for medical purposes.Cancer,is an ugly,devastating disease.I witnessed first hand the pain and nausea that our loved ones suffer with.They should not have to seek permission from any one to use this drug to relieve unspeakable pain and suffering.
No one should be denied any drug that can give them some relief.

You have nothing to feel guilty for.How sad we have people more concerned about finding new drugs for "male enhancement" then for pain relief..
Several years ago my grandmother had a roomate in her nursing home.She was a very old Indian woman.She said little..but when she spoke,was very wise.I recall her telling my mother"Someday they will find the cure for cancer,in something as simple as a blade of grass." (I don't think the grass she spoke of was Marijuana.."smiles".)..but I am sure she is right.
Thanks for the post,hope you are all doing a little better.

Children Anxiety Disorder

i cant understood why the people can see the marihuana had good benefits too!!!

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Everyone can used a mom, a nun, a cancer patient, an astmatic patient... the cannabis got good things... and as other medications side effects but isnt bad all...

Joshua Giesegh

I'm working with a group here in Florida trying to legalize medical marijuana for the patients in need. It is absolutely absurd to see what our government is doing to our patients. I lived with my grandfather as he died of cancer having no knowledge of marijuana other than the naive view DARE and my parents pushed on me. Shortly after his death I was doing research and found these facts out. More people need to be aware of these facts and we need to change our laws, that is why I joined the all volunteer group, People United For Medical Marijuana to bring compassion to Florida.

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Thank you fot this very informative post. Marijuana is by default neither good or bad. It really depends on a person'spercepion and action towards it. I really appreciate this post.

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