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Sue & Dick McNally

We love you Mary! You are in our prayers. God's angels have reserved a heavenly spa for you.

Blessings to both you & Bob and your entire family.

Sue & Dick

Zona Williams

Mary, Mary---forgive me this, please. I just knew you would pick our Big Holiday to leave us. Well, Happy July 4th to a wonderful Canadian. You are back Home safe and sound and comfortable at last. It's just the rest of us who will have to suffer now. Love to Bob and family

Zona Williams

Sandy and Jerry Hoeft

Good-bye,dear friend! I know you are in heaven with the rest of the angles! You will be a hard lady to replace in the T.I.M.E. tournament, but with you on my shoulder, I will do my best!

God Bless and Keep your fantastic family in His embrass!

God Bless the Urlocker Family

Pat Gilligan

Thankyou Mary for being my friend. I love you and know you are in Heaven today. I hope you and John get together up there. Love and prayers to all the Urlockers. Pat

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