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Michelle & Jim Kennedy

Hi Mark, I come to this website from time to time to see if you have posted anything.I have been thinking about your mom in the past few weeks and know that tomorrow will be tough for all of you. Your mom is with you, you just have to talk to her. I know she was with us recently in Wheeling, West Virginia while Ryan played in the regional tournament. He had lost a ball and I asked Mary to help me find it and she directed me right to it. All you have to do is ask........Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Bob.
Love Michelle, Jim, Ryan & Lindsay Kennedy

Kevin Hoeg

Hi Mark, I to like Michelle come to your website from time to time. Look thru your notes & pictures. I think of you all when it comes to holidays, birthdays and happy occasions. It is rough...I know. The first yr is rough. It does get a little easier and by that I mean...you can talk about your mom with out breaking down. As you know my mom has been gone since June, 2003. On May 4th of this yr our son Michael got married & I found myself thinking ... if only my mom & dad were here to celebrate with us. Oh...I realize they are with us in spirit and I truly believe this. It is also true what Michelle mentions...speak to them and they will answer. They come to me in my dreams & we talk.
It is up to us to ensure their names live on...by sharing stories and family get togethers from the past with our children and grandchildren. After all we are their Legacy.
Take care...Kevin

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