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Zack Urlocker is a pseudonym for a Silicon Valley software executive rapidly approaching his mid-life crisis.

Mr. Urlocker has worked for thirty years in the software industry and has held executive positions in a range of enterprise software companies including Duo Security, Zendesk, MySQL, Active Software and Borland. He is a frequent speaker on using open source technology for competitive advantage. Mr. Urlocker is an avid cyclist and occasional marathoner. He qualified for Boston Marathon with a PR of 3:18. He's written a rock opera and is working on a noir detective novel.

He lives in Traverse City, Michigan, with his wife and a small but growing collection of antique computers, electric guitars and vintage Mad Magazines.

He writes at: (inactive)

While I do not receive any endorsement fees or "pay per post" fees for my writing, I occasionally receive complimentary review copies of books, CDs and other gear. I have also received comp tickets to some club shows (nothing fancy, believe me). I publish links to some products on Amazon. There are also ads on the site for music related products through Google, Amazon etc. The fees generated from these ads fund the hosting of these blogs as well as the occasional purchase of some new piece of equipment.

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