Fast Facts About Ovarian Cancer

The Call

I spoke to my parents this weekend to sync up for a gathering in 2 weeks in Ottawa at my sister's.  My parents will be flying from Orlando to Ottawa and then later going to Toronto for my mother's 50th year college reunion at St Michael's College, the nursing school of University of Toronto.   I'll be flying to Toronto and then with two buddies from high-school, riding from just outside Toronto to Montreal on a five-day bike trip.  My wife will be flying to Michigan to visit her family for a few days and then joining up with us in Montreal. 

Unfortunately, my mom got some bad news.  She's been in remission for ovarian cancer and now her CA-125 levels have risen.  So she's going to have to go another round of chemotherapy when she gets back from her reunion.  That will be her third time in six years. 

The last time she was pretty upset about it, unable to come to the phone.  This time her spirits are undaunted.  Maybe she's getting more used to the idea.  In fact last time she went through chemo they left the valve in her.  So I guess it was clear that it wasn't going to be the last time.

She's responded well to chemotherapy beating back the cancer before , so I didn't give it a lot more thought.  I didn't realize it then, but this time would be different. 


Kristin Lontos (Hoeg)

Hi, I just wanted to send my prayers, and to let Aunt mary know that we are all thinking of her. I really believe this site is pure healing. What a wonderful place for anyone to come to and learn.
Thank you
Love Kristin
(One of Gary's twins)

Zack Urlocker

Thanks for your posting. I'm glad that cousins and uncles and aunts are reading this. It means a lot to both my parents to know that folks care. Say hi to everyone and encourage them to post comments, send email, etc.


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