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CA-125 Scores

Over the years as my mother has gone through different chemotherapy treatments, the doctors have invariably focused on her CA-125 blood test results.  My parents let us know when the numbers are up or down.  It is a weird feeling though.  Our outlook and moods are influenced by this seemingly arbitrary number that we actually know very little about.  The CA-125 has become a barometer for our optimism and a bogey man which leaves us wondering if things will improve or get worse.  We worry about "mom's numbers." 

This week we had good news on the numbers.  My mom got a call from her doctor earlier this week saying that her CA-125 numbers had come down considerably.  She was elated that they had gone from 2400 to 700.  That's good news, of course, but a 700 score is still very high.  (A normal level of CA-125 is around 35 and anything over 65 is worrisome.)  The doctor was elated with this improvement, but was admittedly at a loss to explain why it had improved so much.  My mother was a bit circumspect about it.  "We've seen the numbers go down before," she said.  She doesn't want to get her hopes up. 



My prayers are with you and your mother. I have found your blog comforting as my mom also has Ovarian Cancer. She was diagnosed with Stage 3C in December and has been declining ever since. She is unable to walk and is extremely fatigued. She is about to have her 3rd chemo treatment this week but the doctors haven't said anything about her CA125 levels. Of course the level was elevated prior to her surgery but we haven't been told if the level has gone down since she started her treatment...this doesn't sound right does it?

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