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My mother went through a new round of chemotherapy earlier today.  The new chemo only took 90 minutes, compared to 4 hours for previous treatments, which is great.  So far she seems to be ok and had no major ill-effects.  Some abdominal pain, as expected, but nothing too bad.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!

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I should also add that I've had a lot of nice comments lately from readers of this blog including friends and family.  It's nice to see that there are many readers of the blog with positive regards for my mother.   I encourage folks to leave comments on the blog and let others know your thoughts and encouragement. 


Kelly and Jack

So relieved to finally get some info re your mom. What a wonderful tool to keep us updated. I have phoned several times from Costa Rica... so... I am so relieved to be updated. We have some difficulty with the internet but I will be sure to check regularly. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful best friend. 54 years seems like yesterday. She has always been an inspiration to me, but particularly in these last few years with her magnificent Irish sense of humour .
I know how grateful she is to have you all.

I feel so lost to be down here it seems so far away...just wish I could be there to hold a hand ..say the rosary or sing a little lullaby...Barrel of Money was always a favorite. Once your mom dad and I sang all the way from Sorrel to Toronto.

Please call any time and let me know if your mom wants to talk to me and just let me know the time best to call.

God Bless
Love Kelly

Annette Urlocker

Greetings All
All those Canadians in the south should be here in the +14 weather that we are having. Seems like a waste to be in Florida/California/Arizona etc. (RIGHT!)
Getting ready for another stressful week of watching curling. Men's Briar is on and promises to be almost as exciting as the olympics. Then the World's the week after.
I hope Mary can watch these events and cheer for the right team. I'm sure she still has her curling skills. Keep on trucking Mary.
Karen--GREAT pic of your family. Thanks

Annette & Tom

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