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Death of a Friend


A friend of mine and former boss, Mansour Safai, passed away of brain cancer a couple of days ago.  He was very private about his struggle with cancer.  I knew he had brain tumors last year and had gone through some operations and chemotherapy, but Mansour didn't let on a lot more than that.  The picture above is of Mansour and his son Nicolai from a few years ago. 

Mansour's brother Mammad gave a powerful and emotional eulogy at the funeral today, remembering incidents from their childhood in Tehran and their later cross-country drive from Boston to Silicon Valley.   Mansour was truly a rare breed: a technology visionary who cared about people.   He touched many people's lives.  Mansour was the same age as me and that made his death even more shocking.  He was a vibrant man cut down in his prime. 


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