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Orlando Women's Golf Association


I received a very nice message from Donna Martin, the president of the Orlando Women's Golf Association who recently visited my mom.  I've excerpeted a couple of sections below.  (Unfortunately it was sitting in my in box marked as spam for the last couple of days, so I should have posted it earlier.)

Some of the women from the Orlando Women's Golf  Association stopped by to spend some time with your Mom.  She was a  most gracious hostess with champagne and strawberries for us.  We enjoyed a few glasses of the bubbly with your Mom and we had quite a  few laughs.  She looks very good and was very excited to tell us  about her good news.  A little on the thin side as you mentioned but  none the less, she still has that sparkle in those most beautiful  blue eyes. 

That is one very outstanding characteristic your Mom has  other than her bravery and tenacity for life.  All of us will  continue to pray for her and wherever the road leads, she will not be  alone.  She has been a symbol for all of us to emulate in times of  stress and she is in our thoughts. 

Well said.


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