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Side Effects

My mother went through her second chemo treatment on wednesday.  This time it took a bit longer and the side effects laid her low for a couple of days.  Abdominal pains, nauseousness, less energy.  But by the weekend she was feeling better though. 

But the chemo is always just lurking around the corner.  "You just get over it and then you have to go in again," she told me. 

Next week will be the third treatment in 3 weeks, then a week off.  "Then I can feel good for a while."


Flo Baldridge

Mark, I was so glad to hear of this site, as I can now keep up with Mary's progress without relying on second hand news or being a bother to Bob. Mary has been a great inspiration to me since the first day I met her in Louisville. Never had I had such a fun loving golf competitor and friend. It is true, her sparkling eyes and happy laugh draw the world to her and we were always rewarded for our association with her. I had such great hope for her at this time last year and now with the new chemo I again have that hope. She will continue in my prayers and heart forever. Flo Baldridge

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