Happy Easter
Easter Monday

Boston Bound


My wife and I got up ridiculously early this morning to catch a flight from San Francisco to Boston for the Boston Marathon on Monday.  Easter Sunday we'll be having brunch with my wife's family.  Her brother Brad is also running Boston.  There's also a short 2.8 mile "freedom run" on Sunday morning. This will be my first Boston Marathon and it will be Brad's third.

Although I'm not aiming for a fast time (it's unlikely I will win) a marathon is always a tough event.  It takes a lot of physical endurance and mental concentration.  On my hands I usually write a few inspirational words.   This year it's my wife's name, "mom" and "proud".   I'm proud to be running the Boston Marathon and I'm proud that my mom is beating the odds against cancer. 

For those who want to follow the progress, I'm bib 7236 .  I will bring my cell phone with me and post a few photos at the start and along the course on SplashBlog.  There is also television coverage on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN) starting at 11:30 am eastern and repeated at 5:00 pm.  Hopefully someone will tape this for me.

One thing that occurred to me while waiting around in Hopkinton for the race to begin is how big the Boston Marathon is.  It has approximately 22,000 people crowded into this little New England town to run into Boston.  And that's about how many women are diagnosed each year with ovarian cancer.  Maybe there would be more research and funding if people thought of it that way.

The race was tough in parts, but I beat my goal time and was able to speak to my mom that evening and let her know I was thinking of her.


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