Boston Bound
Fluid Drained

Easter Monday

I spoke to my mom on Easter Sunday and wished her congratulations for outliving the doctor's predictions.  They'd given her until Easter and here she is, alive and doing well.  She told me she'd had better days and she had trouble breathing recently.

I called again on Easter Monday after the marathon and my father had decided to take my mother into the hospital and see if they could drain some fluid from her lungs.  The doctor wanted to do a catscan of her lungs to check in case there were any blood clots which would be an urgent situation.  I was able to speak to my mother on Monday evening at the hospital and she sounded good.  She tired quickly and I could hear some nervousness in her voice.   I told her about the marathon results and that I had thought of her during the tough parts of the course.  I knew that what my mom was dealing with was much more difficult than running a marathon.  So if she could fight her battle, I could certainly do mine.

My father also said that the chemotherapy wasn't fully working.  My mother's CA-125 score was back up over 1,000.  The doctor suggested that perhaps they should change her chemotherapy once again to the original treatment that my mother was getting five years ago.  But the challenge with ovarian cancer is that at some point, the body just doesn't respond any more to chemo.


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