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Palm Sunday


Today is Palm Sunday.  My wife and I went with my parents to their church.  I don't usually go to mass, but it was nice, if a bit solemn.  When things were at their worst, my mother's doctor had said she was unlikely to live past Easter.  Yet, here we are, just a week away.  (It sounds morbid, but we should have bet on this; my mother likes to win.)

Even though I'm not religious, maybe this is miracle of sorts.  We don't know really know why my mother's health has improved.  Her CA-125 levels are still high and when she gets her chemotherapy she's really just seeing a blood specialist, but not getting a lot of information about the tumors.   She's got some pain in her side, which could be some shingles she had when she was in the hospital in January.  But all things considered, it's not getting her down. 

I took the photo above after mass.  I showed it to my mother and she said that it would have been better if she was smiling.  And that's true because most of the time she is smiling. 


Shirley and John Carey

God bless you all and hope Easter will be a happy and blessed time for you.

Your son must be a real blessing for you with all he has done to keep us all up to date on things.

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