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Surgery Friday

My mother is scheduled to go in for some arthroscopic surgery on Friday.  They will make a small incision through her back and then presumably poke around with a camera of some kind to see what's going on.  She's had trouble breathing and although they pumped a lot of fluid out of her lungs last week, she was having trouble getting a full breath.  So they will try to drain a little more, move things around, patch things up. 

She's nervous about the surgery.  Who wouldn't be?   Heck, I'm nervous about it and I'll be safe in my office while this is going on.  Ok everyone: get your thoughts and prayers in the right place.  Positive vibes for my mom on Friday please!   


Kevin & Cecile Hoeg

Mark, I think of your mom & dad daily. I have the following Novena inside my laptop at work...so every morning when I open it up...I think of Mary and all of you....and say the following. Your Cousin...Kev

PS...Positive thoughts are always flowing her way.

Novena To Our Lady

Remember Oh Most Gracious Virgin Mary
That Never Was It Known That Anyone Who
Fled To Thy Protection Implored Thy Help
Or Sought Thy Intercession Was Left Unaided

Inspired With This Confidence I fly Unto Thee
O Virgin Of Virgins, My Mother,
To Thee Do I Come; Before Thee Do I Stand
Sinful & Sorrowful ...

O Mother Of the Word Incarnate, Despise Not
My Petition But In Thy Mercy Hear & Answer Me ...

(Make Request)

Follow With 3 Hail Marys,

Zack Urlocker

Thanks all of you for your thoughts and prayers. I know it means a lot to my parents. We are all hoping for the best.

Sandy and Jerry Hoeft

Hi Mary and Bob,

Never does a day go by that we do not think and prayer for you both! We know that God is in your life and will bless you both with His Grace! Just know that you have so many people praying for you and all of your family. Each and every day!
Love, hugs, and prayers!

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