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Palm Sunday

The New Normal?

My wife and I are visiting my parents for the weekend.  It was a quick flight out Friday afternoon and we'll be leaving early on Monday morning.  But it's good to visit even if its a quick one.

My mother is doing better.  She's gained a couple of pounds and has much more energy than before.  She's up walking around, cooking occasionally, eating lightly, but still eating.   Unfortunately, she's still nauseous occasionally.  She had some tea at breakfast and then later threw up.  I don't think it's related to the chemotherapy, since this was an off week.  That's worrying.

Otherwise, life is settling into a "new normal."  My father went golfing early Saturday morning, my mother went for lunch with a friend.  She was a bit tired in the afternoon.  My parents and my wife all ended up falling asleep in the last afternoon for a nap.  My father was watching the Masters golf tournament, and the game was delayed due to rain and he eventually succmebed to sleep.  He denies that he fell asleep, but his snoring gave him away.  After everyone woke up, we watched the tournament until the sun set and then we had baked pasta my mother made earlier in the week.  It was a nice dinner.

No one really knows how long things will continue.  I think my father is feeling some stress about this.  But it was enough to have a nice day with both my parents.   I hope there will be more. 


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