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I spoke to my mother a couple of times this week.  She sounded better tonight than she had the last couple of times.  She had more strength in her voice and seemed to be doing well.  My parents were weighing whether to start the new chemotherapy treatment this week.  My mother was still recovering from her recent surgery, but she said if she felt well enough on Thursday, she'd go for it. 

She said she doesn't always like to be realistic about things, but as she put it, she's choosing life.  It sounds pretty grim if you think about it that way, but it is the reality of the situation.  It's either chemotherapy to extend her life or...

Or what?  I guess you just have to have faith.  I'm not particularly religious, but I do have faith and I hope that whatever power there is in prayer or positive thinking or alternative medicine or a greater power can have some impact.  Because there doesn't appear to be too many options at this point.   

The graphic above is a painting by a Santa Cruz artist Janet Allinger that my wife bought.  The name of the painting is "Our Lady of the Immaculate Consumption" and yes, that's a pint of Guinness she's holding.  I thought it was quite irreverant and I suppose it reminded us both of my mother.  She always used to have stories of the nuns who taught her in nursing school. 


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