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Happy Birthday, Mom!


Happy Birthday, to Mary Urlocker!   It's my mom's birthday today, but I won't say how old she is. (Or rather, I won't say how young she is.)

And the good news is, she's out of the hospital.  They drained 850 cc of fluid from her left lung, which is also good.  Even better, my father found her wedding band.  They had lost it two weeks ago when she went into the hospital for surgery.  But luckily, my father put on the same pants yesterday and found the ring in his pocket.   I told my mom it's a good omen. 

I'm in Finland on business and I will try to call her and wish her a happy birthday.  I hope you will too.



Happy Birthday Mary!...You have alot to Celebrate and be thankful for!May this Birthday year give you new hope,better health,and the continued love and support of family,friends,and even the unseen "out there'who are praying for you!
Blessings! Allecia

Donna Martin

Mary submitted her resignation to the Orlando Women's Golf Association which she has been a member in for as long as I can remember. When the board met this past Tuesday, we denied her request to resign and she is now considered an "Honorary Member" until such time she is back with us playing those faiways and greens. We miss you Mary and hope you will one day join us again. Until then, keep your spirits up and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.


As usual I am late to the party but I want to wish Zach's mom Mary a very very belated Happy Birthday! from another May baby. My birthday is the 16th. I keep you in my thoughts.

zil groux

Mary and I are doing our visits via phone these days since I've moved to California from Errol. And I missed her birthday--blame it on (old) age. I do wish that I were closer to hold hands or try to prompt her unforgettable humor. And remember the Ireland trip that the four of us enjoyed way back when. And laugh about Mary's poem which she read at my farewell luncheon--dressed as a "California girl.) I'll be calling you, Mary. Love you much. Zil

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