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Today I learned of a web site called, a site developed by breast cancer survivor Jane Tomlinson.  Tomlinson, a mother of three from England, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2000 and given only 6 months to live.  She has proven the doctors wrong by a wide margin, and has gone on to complete the IronMan Triathlon in Hawaii, three London Marathons, the New York Marathon, several Triathlons and two long distance bike rides across England, raising more than $2 million for charities.

She is now starting a new campaign to ride across America, which at 4,200 miles, appears to be the greatest endurance feat attempted by someone with terminal cancer. 

Thanks to Steve Runner for pointing out Jane's Appeal on his Podcast, Phedipidations.  Steve also mentioned this blog and my mother on his Podcast #43 at around 34:40 into the story.




Greetings. I found my way over here via Phedippidations and have grabbed your RSS feed to follow you and your mother's progress.

I just recently (end of April) lost my father to complications brought on by MS. During the podcast, Steve used some language while discussing your website which was the same language that I spoke to my father while he was still alive... it was the first time since the funeral that I almost lost it.

I am very sorry that your mother has to fight this disease. On a semi-related note, my Sister-in-Law is a doctor at City of Hope in California and researches breast cancer.



I too have found you via the Phedippidations podcast. In 2004 I lost my father to what started out as colon cancer. I was struck by what Steve said about you and your mom during his podcast. I used my dad's illness as motivation to run my first marathon and continue to do so knowing that the pain I feel at times while running is nothing compared to true fights many people must endure.

Since I am just finding your site, I have a lot of reading to do. I just wanted you to let you know that people you've never met are praying for your mom and following her battle.

Thank you for sharing her (and your) struggle. I wish you both the best.

Zack Urlocker

Thanks guys! I asked Steve to mention it on phedip and when he did it was pretty emotional for me. I think he put into words a lot of the feelings that are hard to get to.

Thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers. It means a lot to all of us.


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