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My mother got back from the hospital yesterday afternoon.  She probably could have gone home earlier, but she was a bit nervous and decided to stay an extra day.  There was no major build up of fluid that could be drained and the catscan and x-rays didn't reveal anything.  She is still having a hard time eating because of the pressure in her stomach, but that appearst to be mostly due to the growth of the tumors.  They had put her on some anti-nausea medication at the hospital, but I think the dose had been too strong for her and she got a bit loopy.  She's off that now and back to normal.   


Mary Busowski, MD

I am "Dr. Mary" and I have had the priviledge of caring for Mrs. Urlocker. I am struck by her resilience, grace, dignity, and her valiant struggle against her cancer. I am also moved at the depth of devotion and loving care demonstarted by Mr. Urlocker. I saw her today and she smiled at me and said, "Don't be sad." Typical motherly response, in the face of her own illness, she reached out to comfort me! She is a beautiful spirit and I have been enormously blessed by their presence in my life.

Zack Urlocker

Dr Mary,
thanks very much for all that you, Dr. Sing and the other folks at MD Anderson have done for my mother. My father and mother both really appreciate it and they were touched by the fact that you posted something on the blog.

I think my mother has only a few days to live at this point and my wife and I are here to help out as best we can. We appreciate all your guidance and care that helped her through this period.

--Mark "Zack" Urlocker

Sandy and Jerry Hoeft

Hi Mary,
I am thinking of you each day, and that goes along with my prayers for you. I have always felt that you brought life and laughter into my life. How did I get so blessed by knowing you? Just pure luck for me! Thank you for being part of my life! I've always known I was blessed with your smile and sweetness! I will catch up with you soon, my friend!

Love Sandy

Donna Jenks

Dear Mary, Bob and family,
Yes, you are ALL in our thoughts.
Donna and Ted.

P.S. to Bob; knowing me, you know that having been through a long good-bye, I had a whole sermon in mind, and realize none of you need it. our love to you and the kids
I sent a note to your private e-mIl

Ruth Callaghan

Mary is one of the kindest, most fun loving people I have ever known. She has faced this terrible illness with so much grace and dignity that it is an example to all of us. She is very lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive husband and family. I always chuckle when I think of her and some of her "pranks". I think that is what she would want me to do. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

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