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My mom is still in the hospital.  Unfortunately, they were not successful in identifying any large enough pockets of fluid to drain.  So there will be some discomfort there and if and when there are larger pockets then they will deal with that. 

It appears that my mother has developed a mild pneumonia.  She's comfortable, but they need to determine what to give her for treatment.  She doesn't have any symptoms and isn't having any problems breathing, which is a relief.  She'll be in the hopsital for another day or so. 

Also, her CA-125 scores are very high (2100) indicating that the chemotherapy is not working.  So my parents have decided not to continue with her chemotherapy treatment.   This is the situation we faced down a few months ago.  To stop fighting cancer is not exactly giving up, but it is perhaps agreeing to disagree with the grim reaper.  There is an inevitability to this that is hard to face.   

They are not yet putting her in hospice, but that will come at some point.   



Pneumonia is never a good thing but I am glad to hear that it's a mild case. Hopefully, she will be strong enough to let the antibiotics do their magic. When I have had pneumonia more severe than mild, but not enough to be in the hospital, that it really takes alot out of a healthy person, a runner... training for a marathon at the time. I pray that she will get through this quickly

The upcoming decisions are definitely very difficulty ones. My brothers and I had to amke a similar type decision about my dad. Although he was in much worse case and so the decision was a little easier to make, a luxury I guess.


I just want to let you know that I read your blog regularly. My mom has ovarian cancer as well and I too live far from her. It is certainly a difficult journey. I have found your blog helpful in many ways. I will continue to keep your mother in my prayers.

Mr. Bro

I am not so sure that I would equate stopping chemotherapy with ending the battle against cancer.

Chemo can be a tough, draining, demoralizing experience. Multiple and successive chemo all the more so. I think that's what mom & dad have been through.

Therefore to stop chemo can simply be an agreement that the price to be payed is too high compared to the benefits. That doesn't mean giving up the fight.


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