Tumor Fever

Hospital again...

I called my wife early this morning from Sweden (late night US.)  My mom is back in the hospital and they are looking into draining some fluid once again.  They're hoping she'll be out in a day or so.  This has got to be a gruelling process for my parents to deal with the constant ups and downs.  One day things are good, the next day there's a lot of pain, then another trip to the hospital.  I could see on my last visit to Florida that it is wearing them down. 

They don't always want to talk about what's going on because they don't want us to worry.  I'm not sure that's any better.  I figure the less they say, the worse things must be. 


Pam Doig

I will pray for your parents in coping with the ups and downs and that your mom will have another up soon. My parents have been going through the same thing ever since my mom's recurrence last Nov 2005. It is heartbreaking that nice people who worked so hard in their lives have to go through this in their retirement and life ever after. My dad just turned 75 and my mom is a little younger. She is a retired school teacher. I will pray for you, too. Take care of yourself. Pam

Zack Urlocker

Thanks very much for all your kind thoughts and prayers.

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