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It's been good to visit with my parents.  I'm glad I've been here able to see my mom and to help take care of her in the final days.  She did better last night, her breathing was easier and she slept until about 3:00 am. We were up for an hour or so, but then I went back to bed. 

Early this morning, my father came to get my wife and I.  My mom was insisting she wanted to get out of the hospital bed and my father made her promise that she would wait until he could get us so we could help her up.  By the time we got back to their bedroom, she had already climbed out of the bed and was standing up on her own.  I'm not sure how she got over the rails on the bed, but she did.  She's always been strong willed!

She wanted to walk a bit, which she shouldn't do too much, but my wife and father (pictured above) helped her walk to the living room so she could have a change of scenery.  I joked with her that she had "broken out of jail."

Later today I will be heading back to California.  My brother Tim will be coming in and then around midnight, my sister Karen will arrive.  It's been a bit of a scramble for them to get flights so I'm glad things have worked out.

My mom's been getting lots of cards and emails.  And plenty of people have brought over food, for which we are thankful. My parents' friend Marie has been over helping out and she is a saint.  My mom said "she'd give you the shirt of her back."  This morning when Marie came over my mom had a great big smile. 

Today I'll help my dad finalize the funeral arrangements so there's one less thing to worry about later on.  It's good to get out of the house once in a while and still be helping. 


Mary & Bud Schneider

Dearest Mary,
Thank you so very much for all the
beautiful memories.You were such a joy to
watch dancing on the table,at the infamous
U Turner outing's.It was a delight seeing
you overcome that inferiority complex(duh).
So much more,with Love.May the good Lord
watch over you with Tender Loving Care.

With Fervent Prayers
Mary & Bud

Sandy and Jerry Hoeft

Again today Mary and Bob you have been in my thoughts and prayers.

I will do my best to be the best golfer in the Time Tournament for you Mary.

Mary I will never forget the time you lock you keys in your car here at Heathrow and we decided we would drive you home instead of calling Bob; as he was busy because he was having a "procedure" the next day!

You always will keep a smile on my face when I think of you!

Hugs and love
Jerry and Sandy Hoeft

Patti Hannah

Dear Mary & Bob and Family -
Mary, I so enjoyed my visit with you last Saturday - you are such a wonderful and dear friend to me (and many others as well)and will be greatly missed. My prayers are with you and I look forward to one day playing "perfect" golf with you again. Godspeed, my friend.
Bob and Family -
Whatever I can do to help out, please let me know. I'm available to help with any transportation. My prayers are with all of you as well.
Much love,

Lynn and John Aubrey

To My Dear Friend Mary,
As I was traveling home from CT tonight,I was remembering all of the spirit and grace you have shown me thoughout the years.I know so much you have taught me about golf and about life that has helped me to be a much better person.What a gift you have given by your friendship and love and I will treasure these memories, My Friend.
We love you Mary!
Lynn and John

Don and Bee Cee

It is 9:00 pm wed June 26th and I just talked with Kelly. I talked with her from the front porch of our new condo here in northern michigan. There was a beautifull red sunset slipping away as I listened to Kelly talking about your beloved Mary slipping away. How well I know how much it hurts and how it all seems unfair. That this human dynamo, that great golfer, that dedicated parent, grandparent, wife, christian god loving woman should leave us so soon . . . . it's not fair! But who am I to say what's fair and what's not . . . I just know that for the past few months our prayers and thoughts have been with Mary Urlocker and we feel blessed to have known her. Our heartfelt thanks to MARY & Bob and family we love you!!! Don and
Bee Cee

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