Happy Birthday Dad



My mother had a resurgence today, perhaps owing to my father's birthday.  Or more likely because she's been sleeping better with the help of Haldol, a new prescription the hospice nurses have put her on.  She is not talking much, but she managed to sing my "Happy Birthday" to my father. 

My wife made a cake for my father and my mom had a couple of bites and a sip of champagne.  Later when she was standing in the kitchen and a Bob Marley song came on, she reached for my father and danced with him.  My parents have been married fifty years and its they love eachother as much now as they when they first met. 

The hospice is now providing round-the-clock nurses, which has been helpful.  The doctor says my mother has been extraordinarily resilient.  I don't know where she gets her strength from.


Kelly Urlocker

Dear Bob,
my heart is filled with joy to see this picture with all of you tonight,especially on your birthday. Mary looks unbelievable sitting up at the table. I just wish I was there to share such a special moment. Austin, Cameron and I are thinking of you and Mary every minute of every day. We love you both so very much!

Sandi Johnstone

Dear Bob - Please know that I have been thinking and praying about you and Mary for a very long time. She is an amazing woman. I know Kelly wishes she could be there with all of you. God bless. Sandi


Since the beginning of the year, I have stopped by to see how Zack's mother Mary was doing -- as a cancer survivor myself cheering her on, admiring her will and humor. When Zack first emailed a few days ago I came here and my heart was filled with tears. I did not know what to say then. At 7AM June 30 a post will be published (I hope you don't mind Zack but I borrowed a few photos):


Beverly Rettinger

Good morning Mary,

It is a lovely morning with the sun peeping through a haze, like many mornings we have seen on the golf course. My hope for you today is no pain, peace and the warmth of God's arms surrounding you.

Beverly Rettinger


We experience intimacy not by sharing words, but by sharing the silence.
Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Family..is everything in this life,So happy you are surrounded by your family today Mary!

Champagne,cake,Dancing with your sweetheart,sounds like the perfect way to celebrate life..
These moments together are shared gifts of time..

Maureen C. Settle

What pure joy seeing this birthday celebration picture gave me. Mary you are really something else!! Singing "Happy Birthday" to Bob, eating a bit of cake, and having a sip of champagne, and to top it all, dancing with your darling.What a wonderful memory you gave him, as a birthday gift. You certainly deserved it Bob. Love to both of you, Maureen

Lynn Lust

Hi sweet Mary,

You made my day. I am so happy you were able to celebrate Bob's birthday. It is wonderful of your son to have this tribute to your loving spirit and courage. You have a wonderful family. I love you.

Kristi Pierce

HI there....I am in Louisiana. My best friend is losing her mom to ovarion cancer. She has bee in "Grace Home" for 7 weeks now. I just got home from there tonight. We know the end is near. I came home and looked up final stages of ovarian cancer and found your website. WOW! This is amazing. I hope you don't mind that I skimmed through it just see the parallels of their illness. Mrs. Chris is at peace now with the reality of the future. I will tell her family about this website if that is ok. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, or even the next month. I will tell them when the time is right. It is sad yet comforting to know that others walk in your shoes. I will include your precious mother in my prayers, as well as your family. Bless you all! Kristi

Laura Riggs,R.N.-Hospice of the Comforter

Dear Bob and family,

I received your gift of crystal shamrock gulfbag and clubs which of course I immediately remembered my last conversation with Mary. I told her that there was plenty of green to tee off in heaven, she opened her eyes and laughed. I couldn't believe here sense of humor,and wit! I will never cease to be amazed!

Thankyou for the prayer booklet and rosary, I will continue to pray for those saved and those who are not.

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