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Tell Someone About Cervical Cancer


Merck launched an awareness campaign recently to encourage women to tell someone about how the HPV virus can lead to cervical cancer, one of the leading forms of cancer among women.  Merck has developed several different web sites (,, etc),  as "public service announcements." 

However, there has been some criticism of Merck's approach since the campaign was launched just before Merck's introduction of an anti-HPV drug called Gardasil. 


Cervical Cancer survivor

Don't just tell someone about cervical cancer, tell everyone. The person you tell, be it a man or a woman, may end up telling just the right person and saving her life.

Also tell everyone about the HPV immunization. Girls need to get this before they're 19 if at all possible.

cervical mucus

agreed, HPV immunization should be mandatory


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