Lessons from Joan


Eric Kingson sent me some information about a book he wrote called "Lessons from Joan, Living and Loving with Cancer, A Husband's Story."  Kingson is a professor at Syracuse University and the book is published by the university and also available on Amazon.

The book traces the 32 months that follow Joan's diagnosis of cancer. It's a serious subject treated with warmth and even humor.  But I don't think anyone could read it and not cry. 

Chasing Daylight


Chasing Daylight, by Gene O'Kelly, is the memoir of former CEO of accounting and consulting firm KPMG as he chronicles his last 100 days. O'Kelly was at the pinnacle of his career at 53 when he learned that he had terminal brain cancer.  O'Kelly is a typical "type A" high-powered executive and he comes to grips with his fight against cancer not trying to beat it, but accepting it and saying goodbye to as many people as he can.  The book also includes a chapter written by O'Kelly's wife of 27 years, Corrine. 

While O'Kelly lived the successful life of a corporate titan, his choices in life and in death are not perfect, but they are true to his spirit.